Exciting Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Avoid Clichés

When the countdown starts for Valentine’s Day, not only the single people, but also the people in a relationship are getting stressed. Because it is not easy to leave the clichés and have a catchy celebration especially when all those red roses and hearts are around.

But actually it is not that hard to make it real. If you decided to stay back from all those flowers and expensive gifts and want to make an unforgettable surprise, do not make a plan before you read our recommendations.

Exciting Valentines Day Ideas That Will Avoid Clichés

Take up an activity that you have always dreamed of

One of the best thing that you can do is to take up a hobby/activity with your lover. However, it is always delayed because of daily routines. Just for this reason, you can start new things with your lover on Valentine’s Day. For example you may start to that dance studio you have been thinking for so long or you may start mountain sports that you have always put off. Just be sure that the day you start doing new things together will be remembered even after long years.

Exciting Valentines Day Ideas That Will Avoid Clichés

Spontaneous getaways with an unexpected flight / bus / railway ticket 

Everybody likes traveling with a lover. Even planning and waiting for a trip is an amazing excitement. What is more exiting is that having unexpected getaways! In order to experience this excitement with your lover, you may book a ticket to a desired destination or take him/her to an airport/bus station or to a train station make it even more surprising.

Exciting Valentines Day Ideas That Will Avoid Clichés

Memorialize your special moments at home 

You may be in a long relationship or your relationship may be brand new. Reminding the first day of your relationship in a creative way is one of the best things to melt your lovers heart. For example, you may have a video with your photographs from your previous trips and watch it together. What you may create it up to your creativity. :)

Exciting Valentines Day Ideas That Will Avoid Clichés

Remake your first date

How can we forget the joy of the first dates that we tremble and forget the words because of the excitement, the moments when we are closing each other slowly? To relive this joy and emotion, and to go to those special moments, meet again at the first place where you have met your lover (at the same table and with the same menu if it is possible). In this meeting, we can guarantee that the night will be much more memorable if you recapture the little details of the day, such as clothing, accessories or music.

Exciting Valentines Day Ideas That Will Avoid Clichés

Create your experience daybook

Every Valentine’s Day affects relationship in a good way with its romantic atmosphere. I mean, Valentine’s Day may also has a positive effect for the future of your relationship. If you want to maximize this effect, you can create a 30-day experience daybook that begins on February 14, 2019 and live the next 30 days like it is a “love month”. For example, one day you can cook a meal you haven't tried before and another day you can wake up at 6 am and welcome the sun together. As we have mentioned, you can be sure that filling your agenda with small and feasible experiences will add excitement to your relationship!

Exciting Valentines Day Ideas That Will Avoid Clichés


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