The Idea of 6 Halloween Decorations Will Blow Scary Winds at Home

Halloween belongs a Celtic tradition and comes from the belief that the deads will be resurrected on October 31st. People believe that these souls will be free in the world for a whole day, an it has become officially a feast these days. During the last week of October, while the agendas are filled with Halloween-themed parties and showcases are full of pumpkins, we explored the 6 simple ways to bring this spooky and amusing tradition into home decoration.


Use spooky paintings and accessories on the walls

You can use DIY wall ornament and wall accessories on empty walls. Likewise you can instantly create a dark atmosphere in your home with the choices of black colored metal wall accessories or frames with gothic / old school drawings. You can get a more horrific look by putting artificial spider webs in spray form that you can easily obtain from joke stores or internet on this kind of items and ornaments you will use on the walls.

Use your creativeness with the pumpkins!

It is nice to put candles and led lights inside pumpkins carved as face shapes, but how about to make your Halloween decoration by using pumpkins in a more creative way? What you need for this is: Large sized shapely pumpkins; paints in black, white and gold and of course plenty of imagination!

Design creative door ornaments

If you want to feel the Halloween spirit before you get home, you can use a door wreath that fits Halloween's gloomy and scary atmosphere on your outside door. For this, you can paint and modify the classic door wreaths you can get from the stores that sell decorative objects, and add Halloween figures to the 100% handmade door wreath you will prepare with dry branches and shrubs.

Don't forget to use skulls

One of the most important necessaries of Halloween theme is skull. Therefore, when you prepare your home for the Halloween party, be sure to spare a corner for a skull! For example, you can use black metal art objects shaped as skulls on the walls, or you can decorate the furniture in a part of the room, such as the console, with large and small skulls.

Use gothic style generously

For us, one of the most appropriate styles for Halloween themed home decor is the Gothic Victorian style. Torn / worn-looking tulle, burgundy or black velvet fabrics, candlesticks and candle holders that resemble cathedral designs increase enough to create both the gothic and cool Halloween theme!

Adams Family vibes at the dining

If you want to set up a Halloween table with the Addams Family vibes; use classic table cloths on your desk or black tulles instead of American service; instead of fresh flowers. Also you can use the artificial roses painted completely black with spray paint and flashy candlesticks to complement this gloomy air.


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