Sunset Babe


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Indulge in the vibrant hues of pop art and the carefree spirit of Hawaii with our Sunset Babe neon sign! 🌅 This eye-catching piece infuses any space with a touch of coastal charm and laid-back elegance, making it the perfect gift for those who appreciate unique, artistic treasures. Whether adorning the walls of a living room or illuminating a patio, it's a stylish addition that embodies the essence of beachside bliss. Treat yourself or a loved one to this radiant slice of paradise and elevate any room with its vibrant glow! 🌺


  • Modern & Industrial Style
  • Matte Black Paint
  • 2.5mm Thick Metal
  • Neon Strip Led
  • Led Color: Yellow, Ice Blue.
  • 30cm (H) x 25cm (W) / 11.8" x 9.8"
  • Energy-efficient LED neon tubing
  • Jack plug input
  • 12V 2A adapter included
  • The product has a transparent output cable.
  • The product stands slightly away from the wall.
  • The box of the product supports upcycling.
  • Please note that your neon wall art will be delivered to you in 7 business days.
  • The shipping duration for the United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland is 21 business days.

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Sunset Babe - decor, |
Sunset Babe - decor, |
Sunset Babe - decor, |
Sunset Babe - decor, |
Sunset Babe
Sunset Babe
Sunset Babe - decor, With Remote Control (+€7) |
Sunset Babe - decor, |

Our Workshop

We create and design all our products at the Hoagard Workshop. Each of our Neon Wall Designs is made by hand. Your orders might take a bit of time to arrive, but we promise it will be worth it. We thank you for your patience.

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