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Our Story

The story of our brand, HOAGARD, began in 2014 with the vision of an architect and an engineer. Combining their unique ideas and perspectives, they embarked on a journey to create something truly special. Their passion for innovation and design has led to remarkable success, taking their story to an international stage.

Before / After

DIY Product Boxes


We prioritize quality and thoughtful design. That's why Hoagard's 50x50 cm boxes can become homes for birds, and 70x100 cm boxes can be homes for cats. Instead of throwing the boxes away, you can cut along the printed lines and assemble the pieces to create a new house for our little friends.

✨ Inspiration

We create pieces that make your home special. Our inspiration comes from a love of exploring the world and nature. We focus on finding new, exciting ideas that bring life to your walls. Build your own style with our wall art collection.