Decoration Tips for Christmas Holiday Season

Decoration Tips for Christmas Holiday Season

Holidays are here and we deserve to have some fun during this period. If you want to welcome this season in a well-decorated room that you and your family have a real good time, we have some easy and quick tips for you. Just set your mood and make this best time of year a good-looking one.

Set a Delicious Festive Table

Setting up a cozy table during those cold winter days may be all we really need. To make it even much better, just spare some time and make your holiday table incredible with simple but creative touches. Checkered table linen with warm colors goes perfectly with wooden furniture. You can pop out a small quote to make this table even memorable.  

TREND ALERT! Metal wall letters can be a cozy addition to your gatherings. Thanks to their reusable hanging strips, you can use these wall décors anytime in another event. You can also combine the words however you like, which is a great advantage for adjusting them according to your space on walls.

Light It Up

Start warming up the frozen environment with well scented candles. A quick tip: To light your table up with an authentic way, you can make yourself a floating candle. Just fill a jar with some water and place the candle carefully. Cranberries are cute not only for flavoring but for decorating as well! Add some cranberries and greenery to make this DIY candle combination look even fantastic.

The Snowy Sparkle        

Painting pinecones with a snow-covered effect will also take your table to the wonderland! Besides, gathering them can also be a cute activity before setting them onto the table. Just cover the edges of pinecones with glue, add a regular salt on them and put them to dry. This easy-to-make décor will be a natural touch to the table. 

Create a Balmy Corner

The other cozy places at home should also fit in the existing atmosphere. Decorating a fireplace can be a good idea when it comes to holiday celebrations. Spending relaxing hours by the fire under twinkling lights and a fresh garland is enough to make you full of a holiday spirit. We always go for simplicity,  so a mono-colored socks and minimal garland made of eucalyptus are the things that we may recommend. A minimalist metal wall art is a unique last touch to complete this combination.

BONUS: What really makes the holiday decoration exciting is Christmas gifts! If you want to make your beloved ones happy and have some gifts for them, here are some tips to make them holiday-themed!


  • Craft paper in any color

  • Christmas twines

  • A sprig of evergreen, a couple of pinecone and candy canes

  • Handcrafted papers

  • Spray paint

  • Glue, tape and puncher 


  • Cut the right amount of paper for your box and secure it with tapes.

  • Get a long piece of twine, center it to the bottom of the box.

  • Then bring the twine over the top and criss cross it to the opposite side.

  • After wrapping it couple of times, tie a know over the top of the box.

  • Layer the evergreens and candy canes on top of each other and stick them to twines.

  • Paint the pinecones with a spray. We preferred a tone of metallic gold.

  • Draw the a Christmas figure that you like and adorn it with handcrafted papers. It is totally up to you.

  • Punch the figure at the bottom and tie it together with the pinecones to the box.

 You can also watch the video to see the tutorial: 

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