5 Interior Design Tips That Every AirBnb Host Needs To Apply

5 Interior Design Tips That Every AirBnb Host Needs To Apply

When you check out AirBnb, you may ultimately see so many houses that you wish they were yours. This is exactly why AirBnb hosts display extra creativity to design their houses. If you are also thinking about renting your whole house (or just a room) on AirBnb, you can start with these 5 interior design tips that will help you against your opponents.

Do something to make a difference

If your house doesn’t have a sea view or it’s not facing the most sparkling street of the city, you may need to make something different to attract your probable guests. You need to put your signature somewhere in your house to make it. Maybe a wall which looks really “Instagrammable”, a living room designed with live contrasting colors, a patio resembling an arboretum or a bathroom makes you feel royalty luxury can be an example for that difference.

Start off your own needs while thinking about your guests’ comfort

In some AirBnb houses over a certain standart, beds are comfortable, home textiles are of high quality and electronic devices are full-fledged. In other words, these features are essentials of a good AirBnb house. However, coming up the standard and adding some extra comfort may draw you away your opponents. Therefore you can start with making some pleasing adjustments on the house decoration. For example, you can put chic reading lights on both sides of the bed, you can place a tray in your bath-tub or you can add a macrame swing on the balcony. All these thoughtful details will help you get praising comments from your AirBnb guests.

Never make concessions on simplicity

When you check out high-rated houses on AirBnb, you can see that simplicity is their common trait. Because places decorated with items, patterns, objects more than needed and seems crowded can result with the feeling of disgust. Consequently you can decorate your house or room you want to rent stylish but in a minimalist way and you can make your probable guests feel calm even while they are looking at your house’s visuals. 

Add true life experience to the place

It is important for the rental place to be simple. But the simplicity doesn’t mean that the house or the room will be cold and dull. Therefore don’t miss the main reason why our guests prefer AirBnb instead of hotels and don’t ignore to add the sense of true life experience into the house.To get this sense of life experience ( or warmth of the house, what you name it!) you can use sizable indoor plants, vintage accessories, hand-made wallboards or stylish souvenirs that you bought on your trips. 

Make the living room brighter

How lucky if your living room gets sunlight naturally! You don’t need to do anything extra. But if your living room doesn’t get enough sunlight, you can paint the walls in white, lighten the curtains and support natural light with portable lambs giving sunlight color to make the room brighter and spacious. Because a bright and spacious room directs the overall sense of the house to the feelings like happiness and peace.

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