The Most Amazing and Stimulating Netflix Contents For Design Lovers

The Most Amazing and Stimulating Netflix Contents For Design Lovers


Those days when Netflix will be our bosom friend have arrived! Do you think that we might miss some other contents on Netflix while we are so busy with films and series? If first thing you do on Netflix is to open and watch series, then you should absolutely add these stimulating contents to your list.


Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors is really interesting in terms of design, architecture and collecting. This amazing documentary series is exactly a proof that how far can some people achieve in interior design. We can even guarantee that you will binge-watch this show, where you can watch the story behind the thematic designed fantastic homes!

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The first season of The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is about the designing process of four different homes that are located in mountain, forest, seaside and underground. This project has been conducted by worldwide famous award-winning architects. The second season shows the amazing homes in USA, Portugal, Switzerland and Japan.

Stay Here: Makeover, Make Money

The biggest difference of Stay Here from other interior design documentaries on Netflix is that it mentions the story of transforming usual vacation homes into five-star hotels with economic budgets. With the magic touches of a designer Genevieve Gorder and a real estate broker Peter Lorimer, common vacation houses are transformed into moneymaking properties in a couple of months!

Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract is the most comprehensive content about design on Netflix. It is a documentary that analyzes different designing disciplines and a designer on each of its episodes. This documentary presents different branches from illustration to stage design; from shoe design to interior design. It is possible to learn something from every second of the show.



Even though she always denies that she is a fashion icon, Iris is about the life of Iris Apfel, who is known as the “oldest” fashion icon. It also brings light to the inner world of the design genius Iris, who is also an interior architect. You must certainly watch this film to understand the creative soul of 97-year-old Iris Apfel and to admire the amazing lady.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

We really like the documentary which is about the designing story of Manolo Blahnik, who is the favorite shoe designer of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. Blahnik had spent his childhood in Canary Island and even then, he was such a fan of shoes that he made shoes from candy packs and put them on lizards!

House of Z 

This documentary film is about the Zac Posen, who once made his mark to the fashion world. It also mentions his becoming famous so rapidly, his fall and then his rally. The cornerstones of his career, archive footages and exclusive interviews has been presented really well.

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