All Time Most Harmless "Antidepressant": Hygge

All Time Most Harmless "Antidepressant": Hygge

If you have never seen Denmark or you have no knowledge of this country, you may think the people of this cold country, who have sunshine in just 3 months of the year, are unhappy and depressed. However, Denmark, the fairy-tale country of the north, has been pushing for the first place in the happiness surveys for years, and with the Danish Institute for Happiness Research, which is established by the government, it is thinking about how to raise the standard of living of the people.

How do you think Danish people succeed in being so happy? Here is the answer, its source is hidden in "Hygge", a philosophy based on a very long history! The 10 point manifesto of the Hygge philosophy , which is pronounced as "/ˈh(j)uːɡə/" in Danish language and also can be summarized as the art of being happy with the little, naive and accessible things in life, is necessary for every house.


Don't neglect the ambiance!

One of the first rules of the Hygge Manifesto is to use lighting that always give a soft, warm and dim feeling in their living space. To achieve this effect, you can take advantage of the brightly tuned warm tone lamps and the aromatic candles you will burn in the beautifully designed candle holders.

candle holder

Catch the moment! 

In recent years, so many things have been written and drawn on about "living the moment", we now believe that there is almost a theory of this work, and that we couldnt live without the rules of this theory. However, unlike many modern societies, the Danish people believe that living the moment is not dependent on any rules or rituals and is the most necessary element for happiness. So according to the Hygge Manifesto, to live the moment, instead of applying complex rituals, every day away from technology; spending a few hours focusing on silence and breath makes a big difference.

Be with people you want to be, where you want to be

The best way to catch the one and completed feeling that lies at the heart of the Hygge philosophy is to spend quality time with family and friends. That's why you can often invite your family and friends to your home and may feel completed yourself by making the best of spending time with together in the warmth of your home.If you don't have too many people around you, it's okay! İt is possible you can catch the same feeling with your pet or a favorite book, movie, song!


Get rid of the hierarchy

There is no room for roles like ”host'' and ''guest'' in the Hygge Manifesto. Because when you are a guest in the home of someone you love or when you host someone in your home, preparing meal, dinner table and cleaning with an egalitarian task distribution helps to increase the happiness of the household.

All Time Most Harmless Antidepressant: Hygge

Give thanks every day !

To create a real Hygge environment, you should definitely equip your living space with thankfulness! Not only for the great things you get; the breath you take, the coffee you could drink at that moment or your lover lying on the couch, thank you for having them. Try to do this ritual every night before going to bed.

Trust the flow of life

Don't let things, events or people that you can't change create stress in you. Always do the best you can and then just hope for the best. Fighting with the natural flow of life or struggling another flow that you cannot change is not useful except to fuel your ego and your arrogance. Trust the flow! It will take you where you should be.

Don't make concessions from your comfort

When Hygge is mentioned, comes to mind immediately fluffy blankets, cashmere fabrics and fluffy cushions, which wrap around when the person sits. In fact, in being talked about Hygge, this is not a luxury but rather an indispensable need. Because the body is relax, warm and comfortable, the first rule of making the soul peaceful and comfortable.


Focus on the positive aspects of life

If you decide to practice the Hygge Manifesto at home, you must first leave negative emotions outside the door. So discuss loud, use crushing words; ego conflicts with the people of the household or complaining about something constantly disrupt the Hygge environment at home.

 Indulge yourself

In the mornings the smell of coffee around the house, to fall asleep with the sound of rain drops hitting the windows; a bowl of popcorn prepared during the soundtrack of your favorite Netflix series, or a long bubble bath after cleaning and cleaning your house. According to the Danish Institute for Happiness Research, these are much more than simple pleasures of life. Therefore, do not miss these simple pleasures in your life that have a restorative effect on human psychology.

Create a safe space for yourself

Remember tree hollows you hide and the tiny game houses you play by aligning home cushions on top of each other, when you were children. The pure sense of security you feel when you are inside these safe areas that are your own discovery is one of the most important elements of the Hygge philosophy. However, you do not have to build the game house that we have already mentioned in order to experience this feeling. Resting under your favorite blanket; snuggling under the arm of your lover and watching the outside of the window on a cold day gives you a unique sense of "refuge".

All Time Most Harmless Antidepressant: Hygge

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  • Georgina Fragkouli

    I live this book….i am from Greece Athens and they have translated in Greek….I have visited Copenhagen a lot of times and i have also stayed for one month..I loved peoples life and their daily routine at home with their candles and all theese little cute habbits that they have..I would love to live there…a lovely city for families…i read the book again again because it reminds me the life there and it is so nice…Hygge…a word with a big and wonderful meaning….

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