Top 6 Storage Ideas for Kitchens

Top 6 Storage Ideas for Kitchens

Kitchen Storage Ideas

We all need some space-saving tips to have a more organized kitchen. There are dozens of solutions if you are lacking storage in the kitchen. Do not worry even if you have a rather small room for a kitchen because you can still make this place useful and well looking at the same time. It is also okay to feel you never have enough space to store staffs even if you have dozens of cabinets and drawers. It is time to make the most of them! Here are some easy-to-do tips without any renovations needed.

1- Up To the Ceilings 
Floating Shelves
Make use of all spaces in the kitchen till it reaches up to the ceiling! Glassware, jars and little amount of dry foods can be stored and displayed on floating shelves. No one can deny that adding floating shelves are the easiest way to increase storage space. Besides, they make it easy to reach all the things that you may need while preparing something in the kitchen.
Floating Shelve
2- Group by Color
Arranging the items by their color may be a good start when organizing them. It becomes easier that way to find things you are looking for. Before making these arrangements, do not forget to clean out everything that you don’t need or don’t even use for a very long time.
3- Hang The Mugs
Mugs are indispensable part of the mornings! However, they take up a huge space. Hanging them will both save a space from the counters and look great at the same time.
4- Gather Up the Cleaning Utensils
You may lack of countertop spaces to store your kitchen sponges and washing agents. Just a simple hanger on a wall can tidy up all the cleaning utensils. Instead of setting a blank drawer for hand towels and brushes, just hang them and reach them whenever you want.
5- Build A Hidden Cabinet
Keep some of cooking tools out of view. We know, they are big and hard to hide, so it is sometimes best to take them away!  Pull-out cabinets with hangers are also a good idea o hang the pans and pots.
6- Inside Risers Are Here to Help
If you feel your cabinets are narrow, there is an option to use the vertical space inside of them. Risers divide the cabinets and create two shelves so that you can have more space for storage. Organize the tableware, glasses, jars and anything you can think of on the shelves. It will also help you avoid the mess that you create while trying to squeeze all the staffs in there.

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