About Us

Two high school friends, Cagri and Bedrettin, dreamed big. United by their love for creativity and design, they envisioned a future as vibrant as the colors they imagined. They both wanted to start a modern, globally-inspired decoration company. Even as they went to different universities, their friendship and shared vision remained strong, keeping their dream alive through college courses and internships that prepared them for the entrepreneurial world.

After years of dedication, Cagri and Bedrettin reunited, armed with knowledge and experience, ready to turn their dream into reality. They founded Hoagard, focusing on metal and neon wall decor to bring something new and exciting to a wider audience.

Starting was tough. They faced all the usual startup challenges—limited resources, long hours, and market uncertainties. Yet, their passion and drive kept them going. Cagri took on the business aspects, managing logistics and marketing, while Bedrettin led the creative direction, ensuring every pieces resonated with their modern, international flair.

Their big break came when they launched an international e-commerce platform. Using the internet's reach, Hoagard introduced its unique designs to the world. Social media became a crucial tool, connecting them with global customers who loved their innovative blend of metal and neon.

As orders increased, they expanded their team with creative minds who shared their vision. Together, they explored new possibilities in metal and neon design, creating everything from abstract sculptures to motivational pieces that delighted customers worldwide.

Hoagard quickly made a name for itself, decorating spaces across continents. Their international success only spurred them on, driving them to keep innovating and pushing the limits of creativity.

Hoagard, 2024


Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

Green & Blue Friendly

🏆 Design Awarded Product Box Project

Sustainability is not just a word for us! Our products are the best proof of this fact with their lifetime durability and their rewarded upcycle box design project. For this reason, Hoagard's 50x50cm and 50x70cm boxes are home to birds, 70x100cm boxes are home to cats. Instead of throwing the product boxes out, you can cut them off from the prints and join the pieces together to create a new house for our friends. 

🌏 We do design for living on a clean planet!

✨ Inspiration

Together with the best designers, we choose the best for you that create a remarkable atmosphere in your home. Our inspiration comes from our passion to explore the world and nature itself. Our focus is to work hard on discovering new ambitious ideas that give your walls a spirit. Build your own style with our wall art collection.