DIY Thanksgiving Décor Ideas

DIY Thanksgiving Décor Ideas


Holiday season is here and it is time to celebrate in style! As Thanksgiving approaches, we all start thinking about the preparations we make for it and for the upcoming holidays. If you are tired of sticking with tradition and setting the same old table for feasting every year, we may have some ideas for you this time.

The scary Halloween has gone and the blissful season welcomes us. It is one of the most anticipated gathering of the year, so you may want to make some preparations for this occasion. But do not worry! Making this dinner party fun is in your hands. Pick this season’s favorite staffs and get ready to speak up your creativeness. Make your dining room and living room fancy with the following Do-It-Yourself Thanksgiving Décor Ideas and inspire your guests!


Hand Painted Floral Pumpkins

Photo: CraftBerry Bush 

If you are already a fan of fall activities, this is just for you. Instead of being scary, pumpkins will blossom this time! Carving pumpkins is on its way out, so it is high time that you use them as your canvas. All you need is acrylic paints and some paint brushes. The rest is totally up to your creativity. Let’s show off your art!


Handmade Cornucopia

Basically, the symbol of Thanksgiving: Cornucopia! Actually, this symbol dates back to ancient times. The Latin word “Cornu” means horn, and “Copia” means plenty. The goat nurse of Zeus, Amalthea feed baby Zeus with her horns so everytime Zeus breaks her horn, she gave him a plenty amount of food. Thus became the Cornucopia symbol of abundance that is related to the horns. No doubt that it is a catchy décor for tables during Thanksgiving. If you want to make your own Cornucopia this year, just visit The Everyday Farmhouse for details.


Minimalist Table Settings

You don’t need to fill the table out with flashy accessories or overdone settings. It is about some intimacy, so we think that minimalism fit the ambiance perfectly. You can choose the natural hues for your setting and add some greenery. If you want to get inspired by some simple but elegant tableware, we recommend you to visit Hoagard’s collection.


DIY Pinecone Wreath

We believe the rustic and cottage-inspired pinecone wreath is never out of fashion! Just gather different sizes of pinecones or if you don’t have that chance, simply order them online. You need a wreath-form wire and hot glue gun as well. After grouping the cones, glue a circle of smaller pines onto the inner wire. Then glue the bigger ones onto the outer wire. Green branches and led lights will even embellish your handmade wreath as well!

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