Malcolm & Marie: The Story of Each of Us

Malcolm & Marie: The Story of Each of Us

The long-awaited movie Malcolm & Marie starred by the young artists Zendaya and John David Washington is now on Netflix. The director is Sam Levinson who also directed Euphoria in which Zendaya is a leading actress. This two-hander and B&W movie is actually all about a conflict lasting 1 hour and 46 minutes. This conflict bursts out with the couple coming back to home from the premiere of the new movie of Malcolm and then goes deeper into their relationship. In the very first minutes of the movie, you are surrounded by the Hollywood vibe of the 1930’s so it is easy to feel it with the styling, music, and black & white shooting.

Everyone criticizes the age difference between these two artists but I think it is a reflection that reminds us of the relationships between the directors and young models in the Hollywood sector. The popular belief is that as the directors can easily get involved with the young and beautiful women thanks to their financial power, it is an ego satisfaction and these relationships are not deep that much. But this movie shows us every relationship has a unique story in it. The couple appears to love each other but Marie feels worthless in this relationship and that lights the fuse. This is one of the conflicts in which both sides are right so it is not easy to justify a wrong.

I found the storyline is quite compatible with its smooth scenes and shooting technique. The dialogues are not the shocking ones so everyone can find a part of their daily lives in this movie, which is one of the reasons that most of us like it. Because people do like watching similar stories with theirs.

To be not disappointed, you had better watch the movies which are led to an expectation since its shootings in the media with a low expectation and Malcolm & Marie is one of them. Offensive but respectful, just watched it without finding out if it is love or an addiction.


Azra Boz

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