The Treasure In History : Vintage Anatolian Rugs

The Treasure In History : Vintage Anatolian Rugs

 Anatolian rugs are becoming more and more popular nowadays and people are combining them with different interior styles without any hesitation. Have you ever wondered what made those rugs so remarkable and trendy especially during those days when we can reach infinite variety of carpets?

 Although the origin of weaving a carpet is unknown, the oldest records shown us that the very first woven kilims are dated back to 7000 BC. Anatolia was home to various civilizations throughout the history, so the cultural wealth is incomparable in the area and it makes the place a meeting point for different kind of arts and techniques.

 Hand-woven rugs are miles apart from having mass-produced carpets because at some point you know that a person with a feeling and with some ideas made a great effort to knit, dye and style what is laying on your floor.

 There are many different weaving forms and dying techniques of Anatolian rugs, each of which reflects the cultural heritage of the society. You may have a look at deeper for the meanings of some common motifs that you may encounter on them.

Hairband Motif
It is believed that in wedding ceremonies a bride wore a hairband, so this motif referred to the marriage and desire to get married.


Ram’s Horn
Horn-shaped motifs symbolizes the power and masculinity. They meant to bring fertility to the owner of the rug.


Tree of Life
Various plants like fig, palm, pomegranate and olive were styled in this motif. Tree of life symbolizes the universe and its perpetual change.


Fertility Motif
Multi-grained plants like melon, grape and wheat are taken as a reference when creating this motif. They are believed to make homes fruitful and fertile.


 It is crystal clear that these motifs and symbolizations are the expressions that people would like to make back then. Maybe it is what makes the Anatolian rugs so special and meaningful.

 Cut a long story short, we will continue witnessing the harmony of vintage rugs and contemporary furniture together as those rugs don’t have an expiration date. We found it also amazing how an object that is made from years ago can complement today’s interiors and arose curiosity with its motifs.

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