Olmypus Candlestick
Olmypus Candlestick

Olmypus Candlestick


Prezzo di listino€63.03 EUR

  • Spedizione gratuita da Solingen , GERMANIA
  • Handmade woodturning objects.
  • This candle holder can be placed in the living room, bedroom, bar, dinner table, to create a romantic atmosphere for weddings, home decor, parties or other special occasions.
  • Material: Lower part crafted by pine, wallnut and elm tree, upper half circle crafted by wallnut or mulberry tree. The surface is waxed with wallnut wood wax.
  • Hole diameter is 20-22 mm.
  • Product Dimension: lower part 12cm x 8cm / 4.7" x 3.1"; Upper half circle 15cm / 5.9" diameter. 
  • Candles are not included.

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