You Are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine
Hoagard box transforms into a bird house

You Are My Sunshine


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A special gift to your most special ones who lighten your life with their gleams and one of the most heart-warming quotes one wants to hear. It is also cut out for a gallery wall so that you can hang your lover's pictures around it.
  • Modern & Industrial Style
  • Matte Black Paint
  • 2 mm thick metal
  • The product includes four pieces
  • Product Measurements (Width x Height):
       "You" 23.8cm x 20.8cm - 9.4" x 8.2"
       "are" 12.9cm x 9.4cm - 5.1" x 3.7" 
       "My" 27.9cm x 17.7cm - 11" x 7"
       "Sunshine" 38.8cm x 17cm - 15.3" x 6.7"
  • Sticking endurance depends on the surface of walls, wall paintings, and wallpapers. We do not recommend hanging the item above beds or cribs, just in case.
  • You can mount the product without damaging the wall thanks to the hook & loop tape behind. (Removing the tapes won’t damage the wall)
  • Easy to use, don’t need any nails or drillings into the wall
  • You can combine the pieces as you like.
  • The product is suitable for use again.
  • The product stands slightly away from the wall

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