Leather Wallet - Efes II

Leather Travel Wallet - Efes

Ready for some adventure?
'Efes' leather wallet has perfect size for your every day carry.
Also perfect for your journey, keeping your cards and cash looking stylish.

This wallet is constructed of 100% full grain leather and waxed thread. It will last forever. Also it will look better and better as it develop its own unique patina with time and use.

-Two slots store 6-8 cards
-Main cash slot
-High quality full grain leather.
-100% handmade and handstitched with waxed thread
-Waxed and burnished edges

135mm x 95mm (closed)
135mm x 195mm (open)

Each product is handmade and personalised production. The preparation time is 1-5 workdays after the order is placed.

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