Metal Wall Art - Skull

  • Unique design
  • Matte Black Static Paint
  • 1.5 mm steel material
  • The product has of two dimensions.
  • Product Dimensions: 52cm x 36cm / 65cm x 90cm
  • Product Weights: 0,57 kg / 2,26 kg
  • Product box dimensions: 50x50x4cm / 70x100x4cm
  • Packaged weight of product: 0.91 kg / 3.14 kg
  • You can hang the product with a single nail from the hanging attachment on the back.
  • The product stands 1.5 cm from the wall.
  • Easily hangable product doesn't need any additional mounting process.


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  • There is no price difference in the payment methods.
  • You need to specify your gift package / personal note requests by adding notes to the page while you are being forwarded through the cart details are located.
  • Custom/personalized design/coloring and specific orders are not offered to receive.
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