We continue our exciting journey, started in 2014, with all the vigor that we have today. We are trying to improve both ourselves and our designs by taking into consideration the suggestions and comments day by day. HOAGARD brand is a brand that designs, produces and promotes its own products. We also believe in "There is no perfect design It is all about to capture the right solution to fit the whole thing."


The boxes of Hoagard's 50x70 cm designs are home to birds, and the boxes of 70x100 cm designs are home to cats. Instead of trashing the product boxes, you can cut them off from the prints and easily join the pieces to nest our friends. Build birdhouses to nest birds in  trees in your garden or on your street.


In fact, it is not far away .. The way we walk on the source of our designs is the nature we live in. Even though we do not care about the harm that man has given to nature, our every need is still in the heart of nature.


The research work and design process took quite a while, but it was worth it. 3D metal designs, all designed with a simple geometry, are one of a kind in the world.


All of our wooden designs are handmade. We use aging and burning processes in wood materials. At this point we protect the natural texture and we have not applied an artificial process. Our work on new models continues. You can always write us your suggestions.


We have always admired the world we live in and the interesting things of the world. Everything that exists on Earth has a characteristic feature and that's what makes us different from one another.