10 Things Rarely Known About the Greatest Frontman of History, Freddie Mercury

Like a special honor to Queen’s legendary vocal Freddie Mercury, the movie Bohemian Rhapsody expected for years, which lets our love of Queen & Mercury relapsed, is now on theaters. And us, as a brand who is admirer of Queen and its musical behavior and more specifically Freddie Mercury’s unique artistic genius, we have researched for 10 things rarely known about Mercury for you!

Freddie Mercury is actually from Zanzibar
Being an island country in Indian Ocean and being called as Tanzania, Zanzibar is the birthplace where Freddie Mercury was born in 5 September 1946 in Stone Town.

His real name was Farrokh Bulsara
His birth name was Farrokh. But young Freddie Mercury decided to give a new name to himself to not being discriminated while he was in college.

Bulsara Family has the origins in Iran
His family which has the origins in Persians, has led their lives pursuing the basis of Zoroastrian cult.

He also studied graphic design in the college
After his high school period in India, Freddie Mercury, who has studied graphic design and art education in Ealing Art College, London, was pretty talented in drawing. In fact, he has designed the iconic Queen logo.

His voice range is 4 octaves wide
The voice range of Freddie Mercury, which also a tenor, was almost 4 octaves wide, according to the musical authorities. It was a rare speciality so that’s why he has never experienced any difficulty during his live performances.

He has a shy personality in his private life
Mercury was very shy behind the doors on the contrary of his extreme self-confident and extroverted behaviour on the stage. He who was often spending time at home instead of private events and tours was meeting a little friends routinely.

He was a serious collector
Freddie Mercury, who was enjoyed to keep the interesting objects which have their own stories, had a serious passion for the collecting stamps. In fact, this collection’s big part is being still exposed in British Postal Museum.

He had two idols in the music world
Although he is such a great idol for thousands of people who interested in music these days, there were 2 musicians that Freddie Mercury couldn't hide his admiration: Aretha Franklin & Jimi Hendrix

He had a longterm relationship by the beginning of 70’s
The longest relationship of Freddie Mercury, who was generally unknown with his relationships, was with Mary Austin in the beginning of 70’s. After the break up, they kept their friendship till the death of Freddie Mercury.

He didn’t agree with the fact that Bohemian Rhapsody was the best song of Queen
There is no deep sense in the lyrics of "Bohemian Rhapsody" for Mercury even if most of people thinks that this is the best song Queen have ever made. He has described Bohemian Rhapsody such as "Those lyrics are simple unrelated rhymes I wrote just because they would harmonise." For him, Queen’s unchangeable real favorite one is Killer Queen.

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