The Brand New Interior Design Trends of 2019

Astrologists, sociologists, political scientists and communication professionals say that 2019 will be the year of “changes and conversions” as if they speak with a single voice. In this year, when changeovers are highly expected, interior design trends will of course be affected by this changing range.
Let’s see together what kind of home decor ideas 2019 will bring us.
Velvet furniture
Having been the main squeeze of last seasons, velvet will be in the forefront in furniture, furnishing fabrics and even in home textiles within this year as well. Especially the velvet sofas with the classical colors like blue, emerald green, dark green and wine will be among the most common furniture in houses with style.
Black – White Combination
As Hoagard, we simply love Scandinavian style and black – white combination is one of the most important part of it. This dateless combination will get attention in 2019 than ever before. Especially the carpets with and black & white colored geometric style and black metal wall art panels will be the favorite of minimalists.
Vintage lightings
One of the most outstanding decoration trends of 2019 is ceiling lightings that create a pretty contrast with the general atmosphere and the style of the furniture. This lightings that reminds us to 70's will run and run!
Creative wallpapers
We will often see wallpapers that are brave in colors and produce and natural stone effect. You may use this kind of applications as a minimalist wall decor while designing a living room interior or in any other part of the house to make a little difference.
Metal wall arts
Black metal wall accesories will continue decorating the walls in 2019! You may have a wall art with a motto and minimalist design and get your home ready for 2019 trends.
Boho-chic wooden wall accesories
Someone is just waiting for it to become outdated, but boho-chic trend is gaining popularity. In another words, the boho-chich trend in which there is plenty of textile fabrics, natural fabrics like straw and bamboo and of course wooden decors will not lose its popularity!
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