The Winter Vacation Routes That Will Make You Feel Like A King: Europe’s 10 Most Beautiful Castles

Although time travelling is not technically possible, you can hurl yourself to medieval at once, just like Marty McFly of Back to Future. Do you wonder how? Let’s take a closer look to the Europe’s 10 most beautiful castles, which makes you feel like you are travelling in time and throws you back to your childhood stories.

The Inspiration of Disney's Logo

Located in Bayern, the most unique region of Germany, this castle is also the inspiration source of castle design of Disney’s Logo.

So Much of Northern Style: Ashford Castle

Some 700 years ago, built as a monastery in Ireland’s second biggest city Cork, Ashford Castle had become the Queen of England’s “self-refreshing” center. This castle has been the place for special events and noble weddings.

Underestimated Fantastic Place: Peles Castle

Located in Romania-Transylvania, which is believed to the place where Dracula legend was born, this amazing castle hosts its guests in a lush grove. The castle standing still continues its existence since 1875 and the walls of it are decorated by the works of Gustav Klimt.

It is “Eagle’s Nest”, indeed: Hohenwerfen Castle

Standing like an eagle nest on a steep slope of Australian Alps, this castle is one of the best examples of stone buildings, which were built in Middle Age. The castle was actually built as a defending castle in 11thcentury but later on it was used as a jail and as a mansion.

Not Like The Castles We Know: Pena Palace

Although we generally think the European castles are rather “gloomy”, Pena Palace -which is located in Cintra that is just 40 minutes away from the capital of Portugal,Lisbon-  juggles with this perception.  This castle is fascinating with its colorful architecture which reflect Iberian Peninsula, has also variety of plants in its magnificent grove.

Top Peak Point of Gothic Architecture: Edinburgh Castle

Also known as the most mysterious one in the world, Edinburgh Castle, became subject to kind of interesting legends which some people having been starting to believe for real. This spooky castle reminding ghosts with its gloomy, dark and gothic atmosphere rises above the cliffs of capital of Scotland!

The Castle Covered by Green: Vajdahunyad Castle

Built in 1908, placed in Budapest which is famous with its spectacular structures, Vajdahunyad Castle seems a little different with its location on the coast of Danube and the gigantic lion gargoyles than other castles, especially than the ones in Western Europe...

House of Winter King: Heidelberg Castle

Such a romantic and green city Heidelberg in the South-East of Germany has a beautiful castle as much as the castle itself. Heidelberg Castle having Renaissance and Gothic architecture inspirations was finished by the mid of 1200s and had hosted Frederick V. Elector Palatine who is also known as Winter King.

Too beautiful to be real: Mont Saint-Michel Castle

This fantastic castle which the map shows us between Normandy and Bretagne regions in France is a touristic center in Mont Saint-Michel. It was also filmed the famous movie “Le roman de la Rose” inspired by the same titled master-piece novel of Umberto Eco in this mainland commune populated by 44 people. This island is the most essential favorite place of the photographers especially when the castle lights are open at the late night.

A Real Renaissance Beauty: Chenonceau Castle

With its history along to the 13th century, the popularity of being one of the most beautiful castles in France and its architectural design formed as arch bridge, Chenonceau Castle takes our attention to a very different image than other castles in Europe we’ve seen. That beautiful castle is found on the Cher River splitting the Loire Valley is the favorite place of travel bloggers today.

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